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6 Home Buying Myths

April 30th, 2019 2:46 PM by Marie Negron, Owner

6 Home Buying Myths
Buying a home often seems daunting. Even after buying your first home, the process can still be overwhelming. There is so much information available to you, you’re often left wondering what’s true, what’s a myth, and who is it you can turn to help you parse through it? We’re here to break down some common misconceptions about buying a home.


Step one is finding the right house

We totally understand why this myth is so popular. You’ve decided to make your move and the first thing on your mind is obviously going to be where you will eventually lay your head every night, make new memories, and plant your roots. While home shopping is the ultimate goal, you should start by meeting with a lender to figure out your financial options. If you don’t know your spending power you may actually miss out on the right house for you. You’d be surprised to learn the right house could be larger or more expensive while still being within your budget.

You have to have perfect credit to buy a home

While perfect credit is ideal, and more often will give you more financing options, we recognize not everyone has the most ideal credit. The truth is that there are many loan options available, which still offer good interest rates. It’s a matter of taking your time, doing your research, and working with an expert mortgage professional to figure out what loan is best.

You need a down payment of 20%

A 20% down payment can seem like a steep cost, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer.  Luckily, FHA has you covered for that with loan options that include financing for as low as 3.5% down. There are other programs, like the VA for service members, that have smaller options than 20% down. However, even without FHA and VA loans, there are options. For more of the nitty-gritty, check out one of our previous blog posts on the matter.

Schools don’t matter if you don’t have kids

Whether you have children or not, schools are an important factor when it comes to home value. The location of your home, as well as your neighborhood, are vital aspects of the cost of your house. If you decide to move on to another home, a good school system can make for an easy sell.

New homes don’t need a home inspection

Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it’s immune to problems. Home inspections help protect you from existing or potential issues. Getting a licensed professional to complete an inspection will reassure your decision to buy a home and save you money in the long run.  


You don’t need an agent

Agents know the market, which is critical when it comes to getting the best value for your budget. They also have the necessary experience you need when it comes to buying and selling houses; they can see things that you might overlook. Moreover, their knowledge base extends out past just houses for sale. Agents can help you find solutions to common hiccups, explain customary charges, and can go to bat for you when it comes to negotiations. Think of a real estate agent as your GPS system. Yes, you can get from point A to point B without it, but why would you want to?


Buying a home is one of the most important decisions, financial and otherwise, you’ll make in your lifetime. The house you buy will become a home filled with wonderful memories. Take your time to fully understand the process and learn from the professionals. Even better, work with a professional. HOMM Real Estate Services is here to take the weight of buying a home off your shoulders. We have all the tools to help you buy the right home that is within your budget, so you can lay your head down every night knowing you got the best deal myth-free.


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