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It's finally Fall! Now is the time to buy, sell, or both!

October 4th, 2019 12:23 PM by Marie Negron, Owner

Although it’s only the beginning of October, the holidays are coming much sooner than you might think. Halloween, for one, is only a few weeks away! You might think that now is not the time to buy or sell but we are here to give you some tips and dispel any myths. 

Buying during Autumn

You might think all the homes for sale would be sold by the first cooler evening.  But in reality, many homes do not sell by the time school starts. They tend to linger on the market into early fall months. Plus, they could be at a deep discount after being on the market all summer. Moreover, there are plenty of fresh houses on the market with sellers looking to put up a sold sign before the even slower winter months. What is your biggest strength? There are fewer buyers out searching; meaning you should have more options and more leverage. Autumn can be the perfect time to buy a home if you play it right. To make sure you’re ready, follow these few steps: 

•    Be prepared. Fall home buyers should be ready to move when they find the right home at the right price. Get prequalified so that you can jump at the right opportunity.

•    Establish a price range and stick to it. Because the market tends to see seasonal slow-downs, you and your Realtor have more opportunity to make your money go even further than it would in the busy months. 

•    Notice the imperfections. With hurricane season and rain every day, homes can show their scars. Look for evidence of water intrusion and evaluate the yard debris. Imperfections in the gutters or ceiling will become more apparent and there will be no surprises.

•    Visit the local school. With school back in session, you can see everything a school has to offer and how everything runs. This is also a good time to visit and ask questions from teachers and administrators. They are fresh from the summer and prepared to answer any and all questions. 

•    This last one might seem contradictory but, wait for winter if necessary. Buyers all but evaporate in the winter months, so while the competition seems low in the fall wait for the right home to come along; even if it’s in January. 


On the flip side, selling during fall and into the holiday season isn’t as difficult as you might think. The holiday season seems distant at the moment; but in reality, as soon as you’re taking cobwebs and the candy bowl down, you’ll have a gorgeous wreath to put up.  Many home sellers are concerned it’s the wrong time to list their homes. In reality, your home shines a little brighter in the holiday season. Your home is all dressed up in its holiday bests; meaning the buyer will feel more emotionally tied to it. There is no need to wait for the hectic New Year selling season to list. There are benefits to selling now!

•    Lower Inventory – Conventional wisdom attempts to say taking your home off the market and waiting until spring is the best way to sell. In reality, with less competition on the market, your home will stand out to buyers and you’ll be able to negotiate a price that works for both of you. 

•    Your competition is distracted – While most people are cozying up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte or out trying to find the best deals during holiday shopping, you’ll be able to sell your house with the ability to focus on your own sale and not worry about what everyone else is doing. 

•    Serious Buyers – Similarly to distracted competition, most buyers are pausing their home search. While that seems counterintuitive, in reality, the buyers that are shopping for a home mean business. Moving is not fun at any time of the year, but the holidays are especially complicated. The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy family and friends. Buyers willing to seriously shop during the most wonderful time of the year are absolutely serious about purchasing a home. In real estate, studies show that if a buyer is out looking for a new home during these months, they have a reason to move which tends to create better offers. 

•    Interest Rates are still Low – Traditionally, Interest Rates stay on the lower end during the holiday season. The New Year looms and no one knows what is coming; so you can rely on a consistently lower interest rate.

In conclusion, whether you want to buy during autumn or sell during the holidays, HOMM Real Estate Services can help. From finding you either the best buyer or home for sale in a slower market to negotiating the price you not only need but want, HOMM Real Estate Services will make sure you are taken care of all throughout the season.

HOMM Real Estate Services, located in the Brandon, Florida area of Tampa-Bay focused to Hillsborough, Pasco, and Polk Counties. As a full-service general real estate company, we specialize in general real estate, home buyers, home sellers, new home construction, rentals, tenants and landlords, and property management.  Learn more about Marie Negron, her team and HOMM Real Estate Services. Call 813-684-5954 or email info.hommsales@gmail.com to get started.

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