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Military Moves

November 23rd, 2018 2:16 PM by Marie Negron, Owner

Military Moves

Moving to a new home is a decision we all make to meet life’s demands – careers, families, lifestyles, location and the list goes on. Still, buying, selling and relocating homes is an overwhelming endeavor for anyone, regardless of how many times you’ve done it. Together with the excitement and anticipation of new beginnings, we all deal with an emotional stress that can be hard to articulate.


Add active military status to mix and an already stressful situation becomes even more taxing. Regardless of rank, length or type of service active military members know all too well that moving can be last-minute news. With destinations often unknown, military moves can be fraught with uncertainty.

Military or not - moving involves countless decisions and planning. But for the military, relocations can be a carefully executed maneuver.


The real issue is that you never know when the order will be issued. PCS (permanent change of station) orders are sent at any time, with little to no consideration for the school calendar, an impending birth or a big birthday celebration. Further, the orders may arrive late, involve deployment, require leaving a spouse to handle the move single-handedly or even demand an overseas relocation.

Military career paths often dictate the length of an assignment and the likely next location. This means it is common for active military to know the destination of their next move. Regardless, it’s still quite the mission to make any kind of house move.

Once you’ve received your orders, you will need to get into gear!

Here’s some advice on acting on such an order:


Realizing you may or may not have the luxury of time to plan the mission, there are a few checklist items you can quickly handle to drill down your plan.

First, find a good REALTOR®. This has to be your first decision - especially if you’re relocating. Ask for referrals. There’s a very good chance you have a friend or colleague who has already made a move or two. Interview the agents and build a relationship. Since you’ll most likely be moving out of state to a new city, consider your agent the ally. A solid relationship with your agent will be a major factor to a successful move.

You’ll know the date of the new duty, so work backwards from that key date. Take note of logical move out dates, keeping in mind commitments such as school semesters, packing and relocation dates and times and a spouse’s new job start date.

It’s also a smart move to seek advice from your base transportation office. Each branch of the forces offers a multitude of resources. Take this as a chance to better understand possible relocation assistance programs.


There are many resources available to our military once they’ve received orders. (Helpful PCS information courtesy of Military.com can be found at here.)

We’d like to offer you the assistance you need from a HOMM Real Estate Services REALTOR®.

Not only are we 20-year plus Tampa bay veteran agents, but we also offer you first-hand experience of military moves. As veterans, military spouses or military children, our REALTORS® understand the experience from their own countless moves.

They understand what makes military buyers’ and sellers’ needs different from other moves. They “talk the talk,” understanding terminology and acronyms with no need to explain the urgency and strictness of deadlines.

In fact, Broker/Owner Marie Negron founded HOMM Real Estate Services as a result of these very same experiences. Helping Others Make Moves. It’s the HOMM mission.

HOMM Real Estate Services, located in the Brandon, Florida area of Tampa-Bay focused to Hillsborough, Pasco, and Polk Counties. As a full-service general real estate company, we specialize in general real estate, home buyers, home sellers, new home construction, rentals, tenants and landlords, and property management.

Learn more about Marie Negron, her team and HOMM Real Estate Services. Call 813-684-5954 or email info.hommsales@gmail.com to get started.


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