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The Internet Can't Replace Your Real Estate Agent

August 27th, 2019 10:19 PM by Marie Negron, Owner

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We use the internet for just about everything. From recipes to how-to videos to even asking Alexa or Siri the weather; we live in the information age. The internet offers advice on just about every topic imaginable and real estate is no exception. You’re even reading this blog via the internet! More and more home buyers are starting their home search online and it can be easy to think you can learn everything from a few Google searches. While the web has plenty of resources to help with your home search, there is a simple truth that the internet cannot replace your agent.   


The reality is that your real estate agent does so much more than answer your questions and open doors with a particular key. The real estate profession has been around for a long time and no technological developments can make expertise obsolete. A professional real estate agent will be there every single step of the way. The right agent for you has the background knowledge you need, but more importantly the experience necessary to navigate the complicated home buying process and solve any common hiccups that come up regularly in the home buying process. Not to mention, having seen many hiccups before, they solve problems quickly, with no internet search needed.

No substitution

Just like Alexa cannot be a substitute for real human connection, the internet cannot have the same connections that your real estate agent does. Your real estate agent is a local professional. They’ll start by presenting themselves to buyer’s agents as someone who will work with them to see the transaction through to a successful conclusion for all parties involved. Think about it, your real estate agent has made a career out of closing deals. Moreover, Realtors® have a network of local professionals who understand the market to work as a team to help you through the process. These include such professionals as: lenders, title reps, escrow officers, transaction coordinators, home inspectors, contractors, and handymen, among others.


Most importantly, your agent is your ally and point person in the home buying process. They negotiate on your behalf – armed with experience and understanding of customary charges, costs, and terms. They will ensure that the price you pay for the home is fair for the condition and neighborhood. They will negotiate repairs, if needed, and make sure you are protected with the proper contingencies. Your agent has your best interests in mind and will make sure every aspect of your home buying process runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Internet is great for many things from Pinterest inspiration for fixing your phone to even read up on the real estate market in your town. While the web offers lots of great information, the most important step you can take when buying a new home is hiring a local professional real estate agent. Their knowledge and expertise can’t be found by reading an article or two online.


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